Time Schedule

Schedule from application to the wedding day

Time of application

Please transfer the 50,000-yen application fee to the account below to secure the reservation for the date you have requested.
* Please note that we are unable to refund application fees for any reason..

One month prior

Please decide the desired details of the ceremony and photography.
We have a list of options from which you can indicate your needs. If you would like a photo session, this will be scheduled according to the itinerary.
If you wish to purchase wedding rings from the church, please advise of the ring sizes for the bride and groom.
Click here to submit inquiries or request information about the ceremony and photography.

Two weeks prior

Please make your own travel arrangements in terms of flights, accommodation etc.
Full payment must be made by bank transfer to the account above by this time.

One day prior

The fitting session and arrangements for the ceremony will take place at the church. Payment should be made for additional options at this time. A bridal photo session can also be arranged on this day if desired (subject to scheduling).