Bridal Photography Plan

Memorable photographs taken at your choice of church and location.

Location Shooting

Locations: Sapporo, Otaru /
Church: Moiwa Shalom Church


Locations: Asahikawa, Furano, Biei /
Church: Bloomington Hill


Pricing for each:388,800YEN

Pricing for both:561,600YEN


2-page spread type

・Large album 18"x12"
・Material: gloss or matte
・No. of pages of photo
album: 20 pages (around 80 pictures)

Western clothes set

(1 pc per each pewson)

This includes one set of western clothes for the bride and bridegroom along with dressing, hairdo and makeup.
Please bring your own stockings, handkerchiefs and socks.

Hotel pickup within city

We provide pickup service for the bridal couple to hotels in the city.

Option List

Item Details Fee
DVD shooting 20 minutes of footage 64,800 yen
Japanese-style outfits Japanese-style outfits for the bride and groom. The fee includes all expenses for kimono accessories, dressing, makeup, wig and ornamental hairpin. 162,000 yen
Western-style outfits Tuxedo and wedding dress. The fee includes expenses for dressing, hair and makeup. 140,400 yen
Extra bouquet of real flowers An artificial bouquet is included in the plan. A bouquet of real flowers is available for an extra fee. We will decide the design and color of the flowers to complement your dress. 21,600 yen
Wedding rings Original jewels can be provided by the church. If interested, please order at least one month before the wedding. 82,080 yen or more~
Cameraman Request Fee In the case a specific cameraman is requested, an additional fee will be charged. 21,600 yen
Location Entrance Fee

Location shoots will be performed at sites recommended by our staff, but in the case a desired site has an entry fee, this fee will be part of the final charges (including the fee for the cameraman and staff).

*Some tourist sites do not allow photography, so to make sure we can fulfill your location request, please contact us.

Shikisai no Oka (Biei)
3,000 yen

Saika no Sato (Nakafurano)
3,000 yen

Trick Art Museum (Kamifurano)
7,800 yen or above